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We provide property professionals with insights to maximise business returns.

Property owners benefit from satisfied customers, and this starts with measuring customer sentiment.

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Prescient Voice.

Prescient Voice– the intersection of data and places. Prescient Voice’s benchmarking feature helps contextualise your performance compared to your competitors, adjusted to suit each place.

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Tailored approach

Prescient Voice provides cutting edge market research, and revolutionises insights and decisions across property sectors.

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For Airports

Insights Take Flight

Elevate airport performance with our powerful market research tool, Prescient Voice, providing in-depth analysis and real-time data for optimised operations.

For Retail

Empowering Retailers

Prescient Voice will empower retail owners, equipping them with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales in the process.

For Workplaces

Unlocking Workplace Potential

Designed to revolutionise tenant satisfaction, Prescient Voice provides valuable insights, advanced analytics and actionable recommendations for owners to unlock new levels of satisfaction and re-lease conversion.

Product features


NPS was designed for toothpaste. Hence, it's not a great measure for places. That's why we have designed NPS+ with satisfaction, loyalty and conversion measures linked to actionable feedback.

Touchpoint Analysis

Touchpoints are defined spaces within larger places that customers may experience. We extract data that illuminates how each touchpoint is performing – and where it can be improved.

AI Commentary Analysis

Turning qualitative data into actions is critical, but often made more difficult due to the high volume of data involved. We use AI tools to extract common themes and sentiment and produce clear actionable recommendations for you and your team.

Realtime Notifications

Live feedback loops allow your users to become the eyes and ears of your space, notifying you of urgent matters as they happen and allowing you to prioritise and respond in an instant.

Custom Questions

Every space is unique. Custom Questions allow you to extract insight specific to the unique qualities of your space. This creates highly relevant data specific to a particular event, time or attribute within your space.

Competitive Benchmarks

Track the performance of your space against current and relevant industry data, including competitors and spaces similar to yours.

Mystery Shopping

Dive deeper into the experience of the customer with cost-effective mystery shopping delivered by your real customers.

Tenant Sentiment

We measure sentiment from the perspective of your partners, suppliers and/or service providers, generating valuable perspectives for your business.

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